lyon bros- Launch Party - Thursday, May 13

Santa Cruz,'s own, the only events search engine powered by your interests, will launch Thursday during a free show at The Crepe Place .

Featuring local bands Wooster (Santa Cruz) and Yung Mars (San Francisco), the show will be free to the public and include raffle prizes such as iPods and T-shirts. The launch party will coincide with the release of The Crepe Place’s new web site, built by Lyon Bros. Enterprises and powered by events. is a new service that allows people to post, search and share events based completely on their interests. Events are “tagged” with descriptive words, allowing people to quickly filter through the local events listing by clicking on one or more interests. This unique interest search makes it easy for people to post and find events that wouldn’t fit into the few pre-defined categories on other events sites. is an ad-free experience that aims to get people off the web, into their communities and having fun with their lives.

Beeets enables local groups, including music venues, sports teams and community organizations, to have a central place to post and manage their events, not only on the Beeets website, but on their own websites as well. Using the simple drop-in Beeets Widget, organizations can pull their events listing from into their own sites. The Beeets Widget makes it easy to maintain an up-to-date list of events on any web site, and also allows people with similar interests to easily find these events on