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GigsWiz Free Beta

Just checking out a new artist service called GigsWiz (which I learned about on Hypebot). The service is still in beta but it's free for all artists. You open an account and GigsWiz creates your code for a free fan request widget. You can place the widget on your artist website, MySpace and Facebook.

The widget prompts your fans to request you play in their city. GigsWiz stores the requests and then lets you check out all the stats.

I set one up to check it out and looks pretty cool (I attached the picture). I think this could work really well for bands that don't have their own artist website and mailing list yet (this at least would give you some stats about where your fans actually live). Let me know if anyone ends up using it and if it works for you....

Bikers, Booze and Bands

Tips on How to book a show at Henflings Roadhouse Tavern 9450 Highway 9 Ben Lomond, CA 95005 (831) 336-9318


Full text of this blog is available on the Good Times Making Noise blog.


  • Booking contact: Kim McFarland
  • Preferred method of contact: email - henflingsmusic@gmail.com (make sure you include a MySpace or YouTube link so Kim can hear the music). You can also drop off a CD at the bar anytime (attention Kim). If you drop off a CD, make sure there is a sticker on it with your contact information.
  • Timing: Currently booking August/September (about 2 months out)
  • Days: Music or event 6 nights a week. Tuesday is only day no music (pool event). Wednesday is punk/metal. Thursday is more acoustic/blues/country – peppering in blues and rock. Friday harder rock. Saturday blues/rock something you can dance too. Sunday blues band you can dance to.
  • Genres: Primarily blues and rock. No hip-hop, rap, techno, not a lot of reggae or jazz.
  • Capacity: inside about 100 (more if you count outside deck areas).
  • Payment:  Paid on a band by band basis.
  • Equipment: Venue provides sound engineer and whole PA with mics – just bring in instruments.
  • Typical show start time? 9:00 PM unless special events or larger bill / 1 band show 9-1ish but if 2 bands or bigger events, start earlier.
  • What makes a successful show? Bring in people who drink. If the bar has 40-50 people drinking, you will be asked back. If you don't have a local draw but your music is that good, Henflings will help and put you on a bill with a band that does.
  • 99% of all Henflings shows are free (no cover).

Stand out show for Kim = French punk rock

You're So Vain - How to Create a Vanity Facebook URL

Now that ALL bands are on Facebook I want to share a little tip that some excellent pages have overlooked - the vanity URL. Just like you can have your www.myspace.com slash band name, so too can you have your www.facebook.com / band name.

For example, SCRS has www.facebook.com/santacruzrehearsalstudios - this way it makes it super easy for us to promote our FB page / put it on a flyer/ ad, etc.

To get this nifty vanity URL just visit - www.facebook.com/username/ 

If you make one, send me a link, comment, email or written letter so I can post it on our site.