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A Band With A Plan - Tips on how to book a show at Don Quixote’s International Music Hall

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Don Quixote's International Music Hall 6275 Highway 9 Felton, CA 95018 831-603-2294

Connect with Don Quixote's on Facebook Seated listening shows are under 21 with a parent.

  • Booking contact: Tom Miller
  • Preferred method of contact: Start with a phone call at 831-335-2526 (always leave a phone number in your message) and then you'll probalby switch to email 
  •  Timing: Touring artists are booked further in advance. You an often find dates at even 3-4 weeks out.
  • Genre: Wide open. Come to Tom with a plan and he'll talk about it. They host an ecclectic mix of genres from around the world.
  • Sound: in-house sound system with a designated sound engineer.
  • Capacity: Bringing in 125-150 people on a weekend night is a good start. Bringing in 80-100 people on a weeknight is a good start.
  • Schedule: Weekend shows normally start at 8 PM, weeknight shows at 7:30. On Sunday there is a matiness at 1 PM.

Black and Blue

Tips on How to book a show at The Blue Lagoon 923 Pacific Ave Santa Cruz CA (831) 423-7117

21+ with ID

Full text of this blog is available on the Good Times Making Noise blog.

  • Booking contact:  Cory Atkinson
  • Preferred method of contact:
  • Timing: 2-3 months in advance
  • Days: Monday – Live Rock N Roll, Tuesday s – DJ Spinning Hip Top/Top 40, Wednesday – Live Rock N Roll, Thursday – 80’s Dance Party, Friday – Live Rock N Roll, Saturday – 2 Dance Floors, Sunday – Goth Night
  • Capacity: band room is 250, entire bar is about 400
  • Typical show start time? 9 PM
  • Food/Drink: Hospitality is provided
  • Booking mostly local or touring bands? The Blue Lagoon puts local bands first but also books touring bands when appropriate.

Lounging Around - How to book a show at the Cypress Lounge


The Cypress Lounge 120 Union Street Santa Cruz, CA

All Ages or  21 + depending on show

Booking contact: Ashton Hodge 

Preferred method of contact: Email or drop off a press kit and CD in person daily after 4 PM.

Timing: The Cypress Lounge is booking about 3 months in advance for Friday/Saturday night slots. Less advance notice is needed for Tuesday/Wednesday night slots.

Days: Live music booked almost every day of the week.

Genres: Reggae, funk, blues, light rock, lounge, DJ

Capacity: 200

Payment: For up and coming bands, The Cypress Lounge will give bands 10% of sales for the duration of their show (no door cover charged). Once a band is more established and has a proven draw, a larger percentage can be negotiated.

Equipment: The Cypress Lounge provides speakers and amps.  The band is responsible for bringing a sound board, mics, stands and any other essentials they need. 

Food: As a courtesy The Cypress Lounge provides a $50 drink/meal credit to the band. 

Booking Guidelines:

When you email an inquiry include the following information:

  • Band name
  • Website/MySpace
  • Genre
  • Influences
  • Are you looking for a weekday or weekend slot (remember, you have to EARN a weekend slot!).
  • Three references (even if it is just your mom’s birthday party, let them know the last 3 places you played)

Tuesday/Wednesday nights the music permit is only until 10 PM so all shows start early and typically run from about 7-10 PM. Less established bands should target these weeknights. If you can draw 40+ people on a Tues/Wed night, the venue will consider moving you up to a weekend spot the next time around.

Thursday is reggae night. If you are not a reggae act, don’t try to book on a Thursday.

Friday/Saturday are primetime and your band should be able to draw at least 150 out to the show. Music permits go later on the weekend, so your show can start later and doesn’t have to end until 1 AM (space closes at 1:30 AM on the weekend).

The space is also open to group parties, events and showcases. They have hosted everything from Mardi Gras costume party to an upcoming Cirque de Sol style aerial event.

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