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Play My Favorite Song - Tips on How to Book at Show at the Seabright Brewery and the Wharf House

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Seabright Brewery 519 Seabright Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95062 831-426-BREW (2739)

Wharf House Restaurant 1400 Wharf Road at the end of the Capitola Wharf Capitola, California 95010 831.476.3534

  • Booking contact:  Michelle Rossi

Mailing Address 4165 Portola Dr Santa Cruz CA, 95062 (831) 475-9197

  • Preferred method of contact: Mail or drop off a press kit and CD. The most important thing to include is a set list so Michelle can see what kind of music you will be doing for four hours. You can call to follow-up.
  • Timing: Booking about 2 months in advance.  
  • Days:  Friday nights
  • Genres: R&B is hot right now. Upbeat, danceable. Blues, Classic rock. Cover songs that people recognize. Open to all good music though. Michelle looks for a quark about the band, something special that sets you apart.
  • Capacity: Can fit more people in the summer when the weather is good and people can use the outside area at the Brewery.
  • Payment: Varies and will be negotiated with Michelle in advance.
  • Equipment: Bring your own.
  • Stage area? How many members fit comfortably?
  • Typical show start time? Show starts at 6:30 and goes until about 10:30
  • Booking mostly local or touring bands? All local within a three hour driving distance. Michelle likes to be able to have bands that the crowd loves back again (which is much harder with touring bands that are not often in the area).

Tips for Local Bands on How to Book The Crows Nest

How to book a show at The Crows Nest

The Crows Nest 2218 East Cliff Drive Santa Cruz, CA

All Ages &  21 + depending on show

Booking contact: Blaine Neagley 

Preferred method of contact: Receiving a bio/photo/band history and CD. You can drop the package off at the hostess station anytime, or mail to Blaine at the Crows Nest address.

Timing: The Crows Nest is booking about 3 months in advance.

Days: Live music booked Wednesday – Saturday (Sunday is reserved for Comedy)

Genres: rock n’ roll, oldies, soul, reggae. Weekday nights the venue is open to edgier bands that draw a younger crowd.

Capacity: 180 + two outdoor decks (so 200+ total)

Payment: Weeknights bands get 100% of the door ($5 cover) up to $300. Weekends and beach party bands received a negotiated guarantee.

Equipment: The Crows Nest has a complete PA system, mics and stands. They do not provide a sound engineer and bands should bring their own backline.

Booking Guidelines:

The Crows Nests likes to stick with local bands; you won’t see many touring acts competing for slots.

New bands usually start out on Thursday nights to test their draw. If the band does well on a few weeknights, they will be moved up to a weekend slot. If the band continues to impress, they will be considered for a summer beach party night.

Sunday is designated for comedy. If you are not a comedy act, don’t try to book on a Sunday.

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