Just Print It - Local Santa Cruz Printers

  Posters, flyers, business cards, oh my.

Recently I found myself doing some extensive research on local printers. In case you are in a similar situation, here is what I found. Let me know if I am missing any key players. Who do you love to work with?

The Boutiques:

Sentinel Printers -  (831) 423-2198 - 912 Cedar Street

We used Sentinel to print our Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios business cards and flyers. They turned out beautiful and I really have nothing but good things to say about Sentinel. Their inks are vegetable based and “completely free of volatile organic compounds”. From what I can tell they are not the cheapest game in town (but also not the most expensive) and sometimes you do get what you pay for.

AlphaGraphics  - (831) 425-9800 - 525 Laurel Street  - Suite 125

They do design and printing. On their website they have some awesome post cards and flyers they did for The Abbey.

Mission Printers  - (831) 423-4005 - 522 Soquel Avenue

Community Printers - 831.426.4682 - 1827 Soquel Avenue

I have worked with them for years through my other job and they have always been great. Totally professional and on point. I know this is the go to shop for a lot of old school Santa Cruz graphic designers.

Mpress Digital - (831) 420-1999 - 252 Potrero Street

Their website features referrals from some great local businesses.

Dynamic Press - 831-479-7920 - 1334 Brommer Street, Suite B-1

Looks like they are a certified green printer.

UCSC Print Service - 831-459-2925 - Basement of Baskin Engineering B66

Not just for UCSC students. They offer free delivery on orders for customers on and off campus.

Print Shop Santa Cruz - 831.429.5340 -  511 River Street

The Multitaskers:

Bro Prints - (831) 427-BROS - 131 Center Street #3

Custom screenprinting including posters (but also t-shirts, hats, pins, stickers and all that other stuff).

Catto's Graphics - (831) 454-9742 - 1317 River Street Custom screenprinting but they recently acquired a printing, promotional products and embroidery company. We used them for our t-shirts, stickers and vinyl banners and we tend to love them.

Clutch Couriers - 831-466-0560

They are a bike messenger service, but also do printing at very competitive prices. We have used them to print and hang our event posters and are always happy with the service.

The Chains:

Fed-Ex/Kinkos – (831) 425-1177

Yes there is always Fedex/Kinkos but my experience (especially at the downtown store) has always pretty much sucked and they are expensive.

Staples - (831) 477-9002

OfficeMax - Santa Cruz - (831) 459-8910