Good Times - The Best - Critic Pick

We are truly honored to be included with this years Good Times Critics' Picks. We promise to work even harder to be your best friend ever.

Best New Musician’s Friend SANTA CRUZ REHEARSAL STUDIOS When you want to rock out but not get kicked out (of your home, garage, neighborhood), and you actually want to clearly hear every component of your band’s new song (instruments and vocals), it helps to have a sweet practice space with a sweet sound set-up. Enter the spankin’ new Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios. One answer to the city’s sound ordinances (or your mom’s curfew for bombastic steely shreddage), the studio’s four spacious rehearsal rooms opened to the public in January, bringing a professional touch to the Santa Cruz underground. Open Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. until midnight, SCRS is owned and operated by Paul and Jennifer Gallacher—a powerhouse couple in the music loop. With Paul’s expertise as a former luthier at Santa Cruz Guitar Company (not to mention his days in L.A. playing guitar in a power trio) adding a nice touch to the counter, SCRS makes musicians feel right at home. Bands like Archer, the Luxury Sweets, and Moon Cadillac have already uncovered this gem near Harvey West Park, and it’s helping them stay in top gigging form. Offering high-end gear and fully soundproofed studios at an affordable rate (they even serve up free snacks and drinks for starving musicians!), SCRS brings the panache of the big city music scene without the attitude or price tag. And, yes, even the bathroom is pristine. Ready to kick out the jams? Now you know where to go. ( | LK