Rock 'n' Bowl - Tips for local bands on How to Book at Show at Coaster's

How to book a show at Coaster's

Coaster's 115 Cliff Drive Santa Cruz, CA

21 + after 9 PM

Booking contact: Rogelio Guzman

Preferred method of contact: Receiving an email at with your MySpace page included. You can also call (831) 426-3324 or drop off a CD and press kit in person.

Timing: Coaster's is booking about 2 months in advance.

Days: Live music night is Friday but some Saturday or weekday shows for the right lineup.

Genres: Rock n’ roll, punk, metal, reggae. Coaster's is open to all genres of music, but happens to be one of the few places in Santa Cruz where louder bands are welcome.

Capacity: 145

Payment: Bands start off with a small guarantee. Once they are established at the venue, they get bumped up to a guarantee plus % deal.

Equipment: Coaster's PA System is made for karaoke, not bands, so plan on brining your own PA and pretty much all other necessary equipment. The venue has a dance floor and might even let you use the fog machine and lasers if you ask nicely.

Booking Guidelines:

Coaster's prefers local bands; you won’t see many touring acts competing for slots.

Bands usually start out on Friday nights. Coaster's will book about one Saturday a month for the right band(s). Shows start at 9:00 PM and usually run until around 11:45 PM. Never past 1 AM.

Success Stories:

Stand out local acts that have proven themselves at Coaster's include The Devil Himself, Who's Holdin', 3UpFront and Honest Mistake.

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