“MAKING A RECORD” WORKSHOP- Thursday, February 11

Workshop Flyer

Gadgetbox Recording Studios has teamed up with the brand-new Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios to present the “Making A Record” workshop- a round-table discussion on Thursday February 11, 2010, from 6PM to 8PM at the new Gadgetbox Studios facility at 417-A Ingalls Street in Santa Cruz.  The event is certain to present a candid look at the experiences of producing and promoting music in today’s challenging economic climate.

The evening will feature four panelists, including singer/songwriter Brian Gallagher (frontman of local favorite Wooster), vocalist extraordinaire Naomi Wilder (Naomi & The Courteous Rude Boys), Celtic heavyweight Peter Haworth (Molly’s Revenge), and indie-folk heroine Lauren Shera. “With as many unique and creative musicians as this community contains, it was time to open a forum that will help elevate our scene and generate a new excitement about music and the recording process,” said studio owner/producer Andy Zenczak, who will serve as the evening’s moderator. A cornerstone in the local music scene, Zenczak has engineered or produced over 250 local and regional artists since his arrival to Santa Cruz in 1998, including at least one work with each of the evening’s speakers.

The panel’s broad range of guests offer an exciting insight on the variety of talent in this area, and the successes and triumphs each has had after the production of an album of music.  With such a wide palette of musical stylings between each of the guests, Zenczak hopes the event will draw emerging bands and songwriters from many different stages of their careers.  “With the landscape of the music business changing so rapidly,” cites Zenczak, “it only makes sense to learn from some of the recent formulas that have proven successful.” Zenczak hopes that musicians of all ages will gain important first-hand knowledge about the process of recording, the pitfalls that can frustrate unprepared artists in the studio, and the tactics and strategies that allow an artist’s new recording to make the most impact in the marketplace.

Gadgetbox Recording Studios is a full-service music and sound recording facility focusing on the art of creative recording.  Home to producer/engineers Andy Zenczak, Gabe Pannell and Cian Riordan, Gadgetbox recently expanded into an exciting new state-of-the-art complex on at 417-A Ingalls Street in Santa Cruz, and is poised to offer the music community-at-large a prime destination for recording music and sound of all varieties and genres.

Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios is a new band practice facility featuring four rooms that can be rented by the hour and are fully equipped with the gear necessary for a productive rehearsal. Located at 118 Coral Street, the facility is open daily from 10 AM – Midnight with rates ranging from $13 to $17 hr.

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